Monday, March 3, 2014

27 and 28 week update!

Well, well, well,  two more weeks down.  Wednesday was the first day of my third and final trimester. Time is still flying. I hope it continues to go by quickly. I am ready to hold Brody! It is still crazy to think that we will have a baby in about 11 weeks! I am so ready, but I still have plenty I need/want to do before he arrives! My sister, Olivia, went with me to register for my showers.  It was quite overwhelming, and I hope I registered for the right items.  I guess we will see! Brandon, being the amazing Daddy that he already is has bought Brody an infant carrier, jogger stroller, mama too (this awesome swing type thing), and a video monitor for his crib so we can watch him whenever we want! :) I am so excited for my first shower in Brandon's hometown next weekend! 

I had my gestational diabetes test last week, and passed! Bring on the sugar J Many people claim you crave sweets if you are having a girl, but not this one.  I have always loved dessert.  I could easily and happily survive off sweets and bread.  It is a constant battle! Blah! I am hoping to keep my sugar tooth/teeth/my whole mouth in check during this last trimester in hopes to not pile on excessive weight.  Since I am in my last trimester I will be having appointments every other week. I actually look forward to my appointments.  Who would have thought going to the doctor’s office could be so exciting ;) As of right now, I do not have another ultrasound scheduled, but I hope that changes. I want to see his cute little butt!

I am still feeling well even though I think I am hitting the “always uncomfortable” stage.  I think he is going through a growth spurt because I only feel comfortable when standing or lying on my back.  I have been having Braxton Hicks since about 22 weeks, and they are getting stronger and stronger as the weeks go by.  Oh, the joys of pregnancy! I know every bit of being uncomfortable will be 100% worth it.  Poor Brandon has to hear me complain 24/7 about it though….sorry tabes!
I am also feeling a bit more tired lately.  I am still trying to make it to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week.  It has been really hard to stick to a solid workout program because some days I just feel too tired to go to the gym.  I do feel more energized on days I do workout so I really need to push myself to go more! I am beyond ready for warm weather so I can take these fur babies on walks outside.  Right now my workouts consist of 20-30 minutes of walking on an incline. I like to do intervals of 5 minutes on incline of 12 and then drop it down for 5 minutes on incline of 6. I continue to repeat this until I reach 20-30 minutes.  This is a challenging one for me, but intervals helps the time go by a bit quicker.  I have always hated cardio, and 30 minutes has been my max.  I have dropped weight on all my lifting workouts because my doctor told me to listen to my body, and I just do not have the strength I had pre pregnancy.  It is discouraging, but I try to remind myself I am growing Brody so he has to be my main focus.  I can focus on my body post partum. My workouts schedule looks something like this:
Day 1: Legs and core + cardio
Day 2: Arms + cardio
Day 3: Shoulders+ cardio
Day 4:Back and chest+ cardio

I focus on using free weights and choose 3 to 4 exercises and do 4 to 5 sets on those per body part.  It helps me get in and out of the gym within a reasonable time. 

If you all have any questions about the workouts let me know.

Here are a few pictures :) 

Aunt Katelyn and I ;) We had such a great weekend with them!

Drinking this daily is suppose to help tone the uterus, and prepare it for labor.  hmmmm...

My sweet babies

How far along: 28 weeks
Gender: Boy
Weight gain: 13-14
Maternity clothes: No maternity clothes. It is still freezing so leggings are my go to.
Stretch marks: None so far.
Belly button: Flattening out.
Sleep:  Sleep is starting to be disrupted with either Braxton Hicks or Brody practicing karate.
Best moment this week: Passing my glucose test. Bring on the sugar ;)
Worst moment this week:  Brandon being sick. He had a horrible stomach bug.
Miss anything: Wine and intense workouts
Movement:  Anterior placenta is still cushioning the kicks, but I feel him a lot more
Cravings: anything sweet.
Queasy or sick: Not sick at all J
Looking forward to: My appointment on Fri.  

Thanks for reading! 

Sarah <3

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