Tuesday, March 25, 2014

31 week bumpdate!

31 week update!

Last weekend was my baby shower in Brandon’s hometown. His mom, both of his grand mothers and Katelyn (his brother’s girlfriend, one of my good friends) gave the shower.  It was so much fun!! They had the cutest decorations and delicious treats.  His Mom is so creative!!  Everything was baby blue! We absolutely loved it, and we were once again reminded how blessed we are to have such amazing friends and family! We were overwhelmed with all of the gifts.  I was not expecting to come home with an entire truck load leaving no room for his new crib and mattress that Brandon’s Mom and Dad gave us!  Brody loaded up on everything! Thank you so much to everyone who came! A special thanks to my mom and sisters Olivia and Emily for driving all the way there to spend the day with us.  Brody is going to be spoiled by everyone!

I cannot believe his due date is only 8 weeks and 1 day away!! Time is flying by. Some women say pregnancy will be the longest nine months of your life, but so far it has been the fastest nine months of my life!! I am trying to remind myself to really enjoy every moment and every kick because it will be coming to an end very soon! I can’t wait to hold him! My last appointment went great besides my doctor being a little concerned with the amount and severity of the Braxton Hicks contractions I have been experiencing.  These are what many call “fake contractions.” They are rarely uncomfortable, but it feels like my entire stomach just knots up and gets extremely tight.  They are not uncommon as long as you are not having them consistently or having too many within one hour. Thank goodness I am very good friends with an OB/GYN. I text him with questions that he probably thinks are ridiculous, but he is always so sweet and tells me what is normal and what is not. When I first found out I was pregnant I made a list of questions to ask him including, "Is it okay to use whitening mouthwash?" He reassured me it was fine, and that he has had some interesting questions before, but has never had someone with such a detailed list all the way down to mouthwash ; ) hehe I would be a nervous wreck without him, and I am so thankful to have him! 

I am still feeling well.  I am not sleeping much at all anymore. I wake up, and stay up even though he has stopped his karate practice at night. I stay so tired during the day.  I really try to stay away from coffee and have about 3 cups a week even though my doctor said having coffee daily was fine.  I’m not sure if that is what is causing the exhaustion, but either way I stay tired! I have had a few bouts of nausea after breakfast, but nothing major.  Both of these symptoms are common, and say that many first trimester symptoms can reappear in the third trimester. So I will just get use to it ;) I am also having some lower pain.  He has not gone to a fully head down position so his head is in the left side of my lower tummy, and his legs are closer to my ribs on my right side.  I have such a small torso so he just doesn’t have a lot of room so that explains the lower back pain. Oh the joys of pregnancy, but I know it is worth every backache, sleepless night, or cramp! I just can’t wait to hold him!!

How far along: 31 weeks
Gender: Boy
Weight gain: A solid 16 pounds.
Maternity clothes: No maternity clothes, and actually squeezed, literally squeezed into a pair of pre prego crop jeans the other day. Not doing that again. I could invest in a belly band, but they just don’t look comfortable since you have to leave you pants unbuttons.  I may give in, and give it a shot though!
Stretch marks: None so far, but my skin is getting so tight and itchy.  I oil up every night!
Belly button: Still flat but starting to poke out a little more.
Sleep:  What sleep? I gave that up  last week!
Best moment this week: Hearing his heartbeat.  Still makes me tear up every time I hear it.  I love it!
Worst moment this week:  Feeling absolutely exhausted everyday
Miss anything:  My pre workout supplement.  I am so tired now!
Movement:  All day, everyday J I also want to note the first time I ever felt him really move was in NYC back in December.  I was relaxing in bed at the Waldorf Astoria and felt a little twitch. That was him J
Cravings: sweets!
Queasy or sick: I have had a few mornings when I feel nauseas after breakfast. Not sure what that is about.
Looking forward to: Finishing up his nursery!

Here a bunch of photos from the shower!

                                                          My love
                                       Brandon's Mom. I love her dearly!
                          Brandon's precious Grandmas! Nana and Memaw
My Mom and her husband David <3
                         My Mom, Me, Emily, and Olivia
     Katelyn and I  <3 Thank you so much for everything you did!
 I had to post this.  This is 100% how we are. Crazy sisters! I wish my other two sisters, Bailey and Bethanney could have been there. They will be at my next shower! I am also bummed I did not get a picture with Brandon's sister, Jessica!! Brody is going to have five aunts and two uncles!
Brody's Mom ;)
                         The baby Daddy and I ;) hehe

The infamous gorgeous selfie of Emily Laurel. I have the prettiest sisters!
        The cutest diaper cake made by Aunt Katelyn ;) We love it!! 
                                          Cakes made by Kim!
                         Is it bad I want to wear this everyday?? :)
 My favorite decoration was Brandon's baby picture as well as his blue dog! I am so excited to be having a boy!!!! Some days I still can't believe we are having what we both wanted/wished for. We would have been beyond excited about a girl, but as you can see I have four sisters and Brandon's little sister is just as much as a little sister to me now so I really wanted a BOY! When we went for the gender scan he put his boy parts in the right spot, and we found out as soon as she put the scan on my belly!! One of the best moments of my life! I am still not sure how boys are, but we will figure it out together :) I hope he is just like his Daddy!
                         Yummy treats made by Brody's grandma :)
Thank you so much to everyone who came to the shower, and thank you for showering us with all of the amazing gifts! We are so blessed!! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

30 week bumpdate!


     Wow! 30 weeks of pregnancy has flown by!! I have been beyond fortunate to have such an easy pregnancy so far.  I feel bad because I know I complain all the time when I am around Brandon, but I know I shouldn’t. He’s so patient. A wonderful trait to have for a Daddy-to-be ;) A few ladies in my pregnancy group call me the magical unicorn of pregnancy.  I wouldn’t go THAT FAR, but I have been very fortunate. I need to remember that I have been so blessed to be able to carry my own baby, and I need to cut out the complaining…. After I explain how I have been feeling ;) Exhaustion is really starting to set in.  I guess I should assume this is normal since I am in the third trimester, and only have about 9 and a half weeks left. Holy Moly, only 9.5 weeks?!?! CRAY CRAY!! Sleep is starting to become unfamiliar.  Between my dogs trying to snuggle right next to me, and Brody practicing his intense karate moves, sleep is just not happening. I will wake up several times and can’t fall back to sleep. Thank goodness to pregnancy apps and the kindle! This is probably why I am so tired all day every day. I also know this is just the beginning of no sleep. I made it until 30 weeks without feeling too bad so I think I am pretty lucky! I KNOW Brody is going through growth spurts right now, which is expected and normal.  My insides are starting to get very uncomfortable. I feel like I can’t breathe sometimes or I feel like he is pushing into my ribs. Ouch!!! I really don’t see how he can grow in there. My torso is so small, and I think that is the reason I am getting more and more uncomfortable every week. 

     My workouts have really slowed down A LOT. For cardio, I am just walking on the treadmill on an incline at least 4 times a week, and I try to hit the weights 4 times a week as well.  I cut out ab work about a month ago because I believe I have destasis recti which is common. I just don’t want to strengthen abs if they are separated because that can cause more problems later on. I have found out the I HAVE to eat a piece of fruit or something with simple carbs before working out or I get sick/light headed. I can’t wait to get back into intense workouts once I am cleared and Brody is here.  I really need to focus on a cleaner diet since my workouts are slowing down. 

     I am beyond excited for my baby shower this weekend in Brandon’s hometown.  He lives about 2 hours from us so his Mom, Grandma, and one of my best friends, Katelyn (Brandon’s brothers girlfriend) are throwing me a shower tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see everyone, and spend time with everyone to celebrate Brody! We are spending the rest of the weekend down there.  I love his hometown.  It seems like it is in the middle of nowhere, but it is absolutely gorgeous.  I love going there, and I know Brody will enjoy spending weekends there as he is growing up.  It is every kids dream…four wheelers, dirt bikes, pool J Gotta love country livin!
Rust trying out the jogger stroller :)
My two love bugs <3

Brandon and his brother Justin years and years ago ;) I hope that Brody looks like these cuties! Precious :) :) :) 

29 week belly pic!
I originally swore I would never post belly photos like this, but this is a blog for me to look back on and remember my journey. Hope it doesn't offend anyone :) 

    Can’t wait to post updates and pictures of the shower!

                                                             Thanks for reading,

How far along: 29 weeks
Gender: Boy
Weight gain: Holy Moly – 15 pounds!!!
Maternity clothes: No maternity clothes…yet! Thank you workout clothes and yoga pants
Stretch marks: None so far…Holding my breath
Belly button: just flattened out!
Sleep:  What sleep? Yeah, It’s getting bad. Can’t complain too much.
Best moment this week: Hearing Brody’s heart beat on Monday! J
Worst moment this week:  Being exhausted!
Miss anything:  energy
Movement:  I feel him all the time. I love it
Cravings: FOOD
Queasy or sick: Not sick at all J


How far along: 30 weeks
Gender: Boy
Weight gain: 15-16 pounds.  Eeekk!
Maternity clothes: No maternity clothes…yet!
Stretch marks: None so far
Belly button: Just flat unless I shove my face then it pokes out!!
Sleep:  Yeah, no more deep sleeps for this Mommy-to-be!
Best moment this week: The two precious kiddos I babysit drew a huge heart on their driveway with Baby Brody on the inside.  The kids will practically be his siblings.  <3
Worst moment this week:  Getting so light headed at the gym after just walking for 20 minutes. What the heck?!
Miss anything:  pre-pregnancy body, but enjoying every moment of growing this baby
Movement:  Increasing daily!
Cravings: FOOD
Queasy or sick: Not sick at all J
Looking forward to: My shower on Saturday!!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

27 and 28 week update!

Well, well, well,  two more weeks down.  Wednesday was the first day of my third and final trimester. Time is still flying. I hope it continues to go by quickly. I am ready to hold Brody! It is still crazy to think that we will have a baby in about 11 weeks! I am so ready, but I still have plenty I need/want to do before he arrives! My sister, Olivia, went with me to register for my showers.  It was quite overwhelming, and I hope I registered for the right items.  I guess we will see! Brandon, being the amazing Daddy that he already is has bought Brody an infant carrier, jogger stroller, mama too (this awesome swing type thing), and a video monitor for his crib so we can watch him whenever we want! :) I am so excited for my first shower in Brandon's hometown next weekend! 

I had my gestational diabetes test last week, and passed! Bring on the sugar J Many people claim you crave sweets if you are having a girl, but not this one.  I have always loved dessert.  I could easily and happily survive off sweets and bread.  It is a constant battle! Blah! I am hoping to keep my sugar tooth/teeth/my whole mouth in check during this last trimester in hopes to not pile on excessive weight.  Since I am in my last trimester I will be having appointments every other week. I actually look forward to my appointments.  Who would have thought going to the doctor’s office could be so exciting ;) As of right now, I do not have another ultrasound scheduled, but I hope that changes. I want to see his cute little butt!

I am still feeling well even though I think I am hitting the “always uncomfortable” stage.  I think he is going through a growth spurt because I only feel comfortable when standing or lying on my back.  I have been having Braxton Hicks since about 22 weeks, and they are getting stronger and stronger as the weeks go by.  Oh, the joys of pregnancy! I know every bit of being uncomfortable will be 100% worth it.  Poor Brandon has to hear me complain 24/7 about it though….sorry tabes!
I am also feeling a bit more tired lately.  I am still trying to make it to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week.  It has been really hard to stick to a solid workout program because some days I just feel too tired to go to the gym.  I do feel more energized on days I do workout so I really need to push myself to go more! I am beyond ready for warm weather so I can take these fur babies on walks outside.  Right now my workouts consist of 20-30 minutes of walking on an incline. I like to do intervals of 5 minutes on incline of 12 and then drop it down for 5 minutes on incline of 6. I continue to repeat this until I reach 20-30 minutes.  This is a challenging one for me, but intervals helps the time go by a bit quicker.  I have always hated cardio, and 30 minutes has been my max.  I have dropped weight on all my lifting workouts because my doctor told me to listen to my body, and I just do not have the strength I had pre pregnancy.  It is discouraging, but I try to remind myself I am growing Brody so he has to be my main focus.  I can focus on my body post partum. My workouts schedule looks something like this:
Day 1: Legs and core + cardio
Day 2: Arms + cardio
Day 3: Shoulders+ cardio
Day 4:Back and chest+ cardio

I focus on using free weights and choose 3 to 4 exercises and do 4 to 5 sets on those per body part.  It helps me get in and out of the gym within a reasonable time. 

If you all have any questions about the workouts let me know.

Here are a few pictures :) 

Aunt Katelyn and I ;) We had such a great weekend with them!

Drinking this daily is suppose to help tone the uterus, and prepare it for labor.  hmmmm...

My sweet babies

How far along: 28 weeks
Gender: Boy
Weight gain: 13-14
Maternity clothes: No maternity clothes. It is still freezing so leggings are my go to.
Stretch marks: None so far.
Belly button: Flattening out.
Sleep:  Sleep is starting to be disrupted with either Braxton Hicks or Brody practicing karate.
Best moment this week: Passing my glucose test. Bring on the sugar ;)
Worst moment this week:  Brandon being sick. He had a horrible stomach bug.
Miss anything: Wine and intense workouts
Movement:  Anterior placenta is still cushioning the kicks, but I feel him a lot more
Cravings: anything sweet.
Queasy or sick: Not sick at all J
Looking forward to: My appointment on Fri.  

Thanks for reading! 

Sarah <3